How to Excel in Mobile SEO

In the field of digital marketing industry, the experience of mobile has formed an integral part of search marketing. It has become a pivotal force for bringing success to campaigns. The sole aim and objective of Google is to provide users with the best results and experience, and there are no exceptions for mobile and tablet versions. But with the growing trend of mobile usage, Google has intended to introduce best practice guidelines. And it is also slowly focusing on the introduction of more ranking factors to reward well-optimized mobile sites. Most of the companies are engaged in optimizing their website for mobiles. As per the recent study, half of Fortune Global 100 companies’ websites are optimized for mobile. The usage of mobile in every sector has become apparent. If you are interested to promote your product and services easily, then develop an optimized mobile website. You have to determine which mobile option is the most suitable for you. And how to avoid common mistakes. First of all you have to choose the most suitable mobile site. At the same time you have to concentrate three options including fully responsive, dynamically served HTML & CSS and mobile version. Here size plays an important

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matter for all solutions. For choosing the best mobile option, you have to determine what your website does and how it should function. The most fundamental thing is the intention of your mobile users and what are the popular mobile devices used on your site? So each mobile site option requires some sort of definite methods of technical implementation. And you have to determine how all these methods are suitable for mobile and desktop sites. Responsive design also plays a vital role in optimizing mobile site. It uses the same code across desktop and mobile versions, with each URL serving the same HTML and simply using CSS to change how the page is rendered on different devices. Dynamic serving is a the vital concept of mobile SEO. It is a unique setup where the server has to respond with different HTML (and CSS) on the same URL, depending on the user agent requesting the page. The user agent is required to determine which code to use and responds to the content as requested. Try to build a separate mobile website. It looks similar to your desktop site which serves different URLs. Mobile SEO best practice: • App indexing: Focus must be given on app indexing and deep linking directly on SERPs to your Android app. This factor is also applicable to mobile sites. • Fast smartphone site load: For a search engine, Site speed is a very important ranking factor • Real canonical and alternative tags: Mobile sites with different URLs, so try to convey Google which one is the desktop site and which one is the mobile site. • Mobile Sitemaps: Proper framework of Sitemaps also vital for search engine optimization. It provides input for search engines to crawl the site. • While creating good mobile sites, other considerations may not directly influence SEO, but on the other hand it may influence performances better. • Before building Mobile SEO, Proper care should be given on various factors including; • Know your mobile audience • Conversion rate optimization and focus List of CRO considerations for a mobile site: a) Click-to-call b) Mobile Coupons c) Store Locator d) Sign-up and registration • Make it social • Localize your website • Mobile Content You are required to avoid common mobile SEO mistakes, including faulty redirects, unplayable videos and images, irrelevant cross-linking and Smartphone-only 404s. Intrusion of mobile in the digital world has changed the whole concept of SEO. Mobile searching is far more different from desktop searching. For efficient promotion of products and services, Mobile SEO has become the need of the hour. Come on and go for mobile SEO. Did you find this article fruitful? Let’s know your feedback in comments.

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