How to Ensure Your Natural Link Profile

Every time Google is engaged in updating its algorithms. If you are into SEO and digital marketing, you have to be very serious about the updates and tools developed by Google. Google Penguin is a code name for a Google algorithm update. It was first announced on April 24, 2012. The sole intension of Google is to introduce the algorithm to fight webspam in search results. The main purpose of Google penguin is to cracked down on unethical SEO practices. As an SEO analyst, you have to keep key eye on the quality and relevance of links rather than the quantity and keywords. Google believes in quality content on the web for high ranking.

No doubt, backlinking is important for SEO, but a poor link profile can create huddles on the way of building websites’ ranking. So you have to be very serious in create a proper link profile by abiding current rules and regulations enshrined by Google Penguin. Some important points are given below for proper link profile.

Clean up spammy backlinks: If you are interested to start a new ethical link profile, you have to clean up your waste. Remove the poor quality backlinks which do not make any grade and remove anything that comes from a link wheel or network of websites. You can also download download the free version of the SEO software which will assist you in fetching all kinds of SEO data.

Clean up your outbound links: Cleaning up outbound links also plays vital role for backlinking. Always try to delete spammy links from your blog comments and make sure the links mentioned on the guest post removed properly and also make sure any links you decide to keep lead to high-quality resources.

Only publish ethical guest posts: SEO experts are now worried about alternative ways of amassing backlinks because guest posting has become too spammy and it has lost its lusture. For backlinking, guest posting is bad, but on the other hand, guest posting for exposure and credibility is excellent. So, focus should be given on guest posting is providing a decent home for your content or not.

Diversify your link profile: To rely on the specific type of link in not a good idea. Taking broken link building and high-quality directory listings into consideration, you have to put emphases on the relevance of your backlinking. For making your link profile perfect, avoid link wheels, content mills and paid listings. You have to target various social medias and communicate with experts. Targeting highly relevant websites is also a pluse point and ask them to include a link to your site on their “links” page. If you don’t have the diverse link profile, Google will penalise the practice of following one link and your website will never survive.

Mix up your anchor text: The traditional concept of using target keyword as the anchor text has become a bad practice. After the launch of Google penguin, it has also become spam. So, Good link profile should be diverse and look natural.

Attract links, don’t ask for them: Content publishing and getting back link is not important, important is everyone should encourage others to voluntarily give them link juice. The key to success is to just provide quality content, so that it will be genuinely helpful and worth sharing, people will give you backlinks. Think big and undertake high level research for promotion of product and services. Always get updated with Google algorithms, rather suddenly your traffic and rankings will be in vain over night.

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