How to Develop an Effective Landing Page?

The online marketing/digital marketing concept is a broad term which incorporates multiple facets of marketing. In our current technology era, we cannot ignore the importance of PPC which is one of the best ways to generate leads to the businesses. However, for a successful PPC campaign, an effective and captivating landing page is required. A landing page is the page where your visitors will be redirected when they click on the ads.

A landing page should meet the expectation of the visitors (featured with relevant content and useful links). Therefore, landing pages should be optimized properly before targeting it to the ads. Here are two main objectives of landing page:

  • The most important objective of landing page is converting the visitors into business sales and leads.
  • Another important objective is collecting the relevant data of clients.

Determine type of landing page you should use:

The foremost thing to consider is determining the type of landing page you need to use. There are basically two types of landing pages – Bespoke landing pages and pages integrated in the main website.  Considering the SEO perspective, integrated landing page is highly effective as it is integrated in the main website. Moreover, users also get the best results clicking on the ads. On the other hand, bespoke landing pages are developed for specific campaigns.  However, one can use hybrid version (combining both of them in one page)

Make the landing page relevant:

Include only the relevant details and data in the landing page related to your PPC ads. The page should meet the expectations of the users. For example, if user click on the dell laptop ad, he/she should have proper details of the products with images.

Use precise images and graphics

Using images and graphics can really improve the conversion rate. Therefore, while optimizing the landing page choose the images carefully. Image should be related with the ad so that users exactly get for what they have been looking for.

Eliminate Navigation options:

Let the users find out the product or services or information in the landing page rather than navigating them to another page. Navigations sometimes reduces the conversion rates. Therefore, eliminate the navigation options if any.

Provide options to the users who do not want to buy or signup:

Indeed, some users who land on your page might not prefer to complete the required actions (signup or buy). Therefore, a successful landing page must have some options for these people such as offering them signup for news letters or live chat if they have any query.

Include some reviews and testimonials:

To convert your visitors into sales, you can use some social evidences such as testimonials and reviews to influence their decisions. These points surely help the visitors decide about the particular product or services offered in the ads.

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