How to Defend Your Website from Negative SEO

If you are in internet marketing, you are very much aware of the glory and importance of SEO. Normally, you plan and execute your SEO strategy for traffic creation. But your never find any sort of healthy traffic coming into your web sites. What actually happens? The incorporation of negative tactics and techniques by your competitors degrade your website. Negative SEO aims at the practice of using black hat and unethical techniques to sabotage a competitor’s rankings in search engines.

There are various ways that unscrupulous competitors can try to hurt your site. These techniques are evil backlinks, evil content scraping, evil hacking, evil crawlers, evil reviews and many more.

How to Prevent Negative SEO Attacks:
•Setting up Google Webmaster Tools Email Alerts is a definite way to track negative concepts put by your competitors. Google can send you email alerts when your website is being attacked by malware; your pages are not indexed and problems in server connectivity; and you get a manual penalty from Google.
•Keep an eagle eye on backlinks profile tracking because it can build low quality links or redirects. If someone tries to building links to your website, you can use various tools like Ahrefs or Open Site Explorer.
•Spammers will try to remove your best backlinks. To prevent this; you can keep focus on two things: 1. Using an email address from your domain, instead of using Gmail or Yahoo. 2. Keep eagle eye on your best backlinks
•Build strong domain and authority for your website.
•Try to review your site metrics and identify any major changes in your website.
•Keep an eagle eye on affected by paid links
•Stay on top of the feedback about your site using Google Alerts
•Make sure your sitemap are well linked to your Webmaster Tools accounts
•In order to secure he authorship for your content, try to use rel=canonical tags
•Effective monitoring of any unnatural links

As a business entity make sure your SEO efforts are kept up-to-date and monitored monthly so you will be able to negative SEO tactics as soon as possible.

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