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How Artificial Intelligence is impacting SEO

Posted on 10.29.18 by Pooja Bisht

Emergence of Artificial Intelligence has had a major impact on almost every walk of life. This evolution has had a major impact on the field of Digital Marketing. AI has developed into many forms and types which not only is beneficial for the website owners but for end users as well. For instance, one of the very basic yet an evident everyday activity which proves our familiarity and indulgence in the AI Culture is 'Web Browsing.' Every time when you search something over Google you expect to receive answers that are relevant and to the point on the basis of what you've typed. In order to give you results that are relevant, Google uses an AI algorithm named RankBrain to provide its users with relevant real-time results to its users.

What's RankBrain? How is it helping Google to produce relevant results?

Earlier, Google used to utilize its basic algorithm to determine the results for any query it used to receive, however, the results were not accurate which resulted in the development of an AI platform, RankBrain. RankBrain is an AI algorithm that helps Google to process the user search query and come up with a definite answer. It is a part of Google’s HummingBird search Algorithm.

Since the time RankBrain is used by Google, every query that's received goes through an interpretation model that is based on the factors like the location, personalization and the words of the query so that Google makes more relevant searches. With RankBrain's existence it makes it a sheer example of how artificial intelligence in SEO is helping searchers to get more relevant results.

How does SEO work for the AI Platforms?

The SEO can be conducted for the AI Platforms in various ways such as:

1. Keyword Optimization

Usually, people create pages for various keywords, however, it is suggested that instead of creating five different landing pages for the keywords like:

  • Bangalore studio apartment costs
  • Studio Apartments in Bangalore
  • Studio Apartments for rent in Bangalore

You can just create one page based on the good volume search keyword like “affordable apartments in Bangalore” that has the power to rank on Google for all similar search queries. Moreover, you can try to optimize for ‘search related’ section in Google search results to find more keyword phrases to be targeted.

2. Optimizing for Visual Content:

Visual Content has an increasing influence on SEO as search engines really want to know what a video or image is all about. Not only does Google favour YouTube Videos but they are also getting better at analyzing what the visual content is exactly about.

Wondering, how to optimize for Visual Content?

All you need to do is switch to YouTube and you will find a bunch of keywords to what you have typed in. These are the suggested keywords that users actually type into YouTube. Optimize your Video’s title, descriptions and video tags around those suggested keywords plus the one you need to target. (Your main keyword.)

Video Title: Put your keyword at the beginning of Title without keyword stuffing.

Video Descriptions: The better Google understand your video, the higher the chances to rank well.

  • Include your main keyword in the first 25 words
  • Make the description at least 250 words
  • Include your keyword 2-4 times

Video Tags: Tags are very important. Include your main keyword and include few variations for those words. Plus make few tags on the other topics covered by the video.

Targeted tags will not only help you to rank for your targeted keywords but will also often show up as a related video in the sidebar area of YouTube.

3. Focus on quality of content and relevancy:

If you search in Google and visit one of the search results, and if you find the content helpful, you tend to spend some time reading it. It provides a signal to Google that users love that page. If you don’t find the content relevant then you leave the page in just 2-3 seconds. Google AI measures the content relevancy based on the time spent on the page.

What should be done to retain the audience?

Well, it simply means that you need to create a long and in-depth content that is useful to the users. Break your content into headings, subheadings and bullets points. As per the research by Backlinko, long content ranks higher than short content. Optimize your content around what users are searching, and no one can stop you to rank at the top.

4. More selective approach to link building

Strong domain authority with lots of links pointing to it will be accepted to Google AI. Basically, your back links should come with the same category and industry as your website. It means you have to be more selective with your link building. Ignoring it, RankBrain won’t accept it and penalize your website. Restricting your content to single niche and also restricting your links to the same niche will surely be a good approach to improve your link relevancy.

5. Optimization for Mobile and Voice Search

As per the Google Study, 40% of searches are done on mobile. More than one in four users only use a Smartphone on an average day. So, you need to optimize the way your brand is reaching customers on mobile otherwise you will lose a quarter of your potential audience.

Now, with the rise of mobile usage, come voice searches for example, you’d type, “Best burger place in Delhi” into the search bar. But when you would do voice searches, you are likely to write a complete sentence like, “Hey, what’s the best place to get a burger in Delhi?” Hence, voice searches are getting longer and conversational. You have to incorporate voice search strategy into the website because voice search optimization is the future of SEO.

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