Higher Education Marketers: Stay Abreast of Website Features

With the advent of the internet, the whole nature, structure and functions of the marketing has already been changed. The bricks and mortar of marketing have witnessed a complete transformation in the online business. In the field of education, digital marketing has a great value. No one can undermine the importance of digital marketing. For many years, higher education has been undergoing transition. With the increasing steep completion and rising price, many students have been forced to become more selective in their school choice. Higher education marketing has moved from glossy brochures to social media and web to capture the students’ prospective attention.

Some of the external influences put a major impact on the marketing department of higher education. You will find fierce competition inside the higher educational institutes. Many colleges and universities are becoming more selective and aggressive to recruit their students. That means, the higher education marketers are more accountable than ever to the President and Board of Trustees. Institutional departments such as admissions, development, academics and marketing have been viewed as a cost center. The success and failure of the higher education depends on efficient and effective marketing.

If your official website is properly optimized and able to fulfil the prospect of the students, you will attract more and more students towards higher education. So try to optimize your website and increase the traffic of the official website of the higher educational institute.

Marketers of higher educational institutes are required to stay abreast of market research, online trends, and the best practices within the industry. The marketers should make a connection bridge and create more engagements of students and alumni through a well established website and its links to various social media websites.

Various features are given below to evaluate web features of higher educational institutes.

Virtual Campus Tour: The website should allow visitors to select the area of interest to customise virtual tour or search by keyword.

Admissions: Try to connect admission information page with Facebook. This is the great way to offer customization and integration with social media.

Content Hubs: The content related to the higher institutes should be well organised and optimized for easy information accessibility.

Homepage: The home page of the official website of higher educational institutes should be informative and it should allow students to find a wide range of information what actually the students need.
Higher education marketers should be aware of page views, time spent on page, keyword data, and conversions.

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