Google Plus and its Usage

Google Plus a social network operated by Google Inc. for creating a true competition for Facebook. Quickly, Google Plus is becoming an important player in social media marketing. It has become the second largest social media network next to Facebook. For establishing proper marketing strategy, Google Plus has become a fundamental instrument in the hands of the marketers for their business proGoogle Plusmotions.

  • Profile plays a vital role in starting of your business.
    To speak in other words, a profile is nothing but it is an index of concrete. Try to devote time and energy for building a proper profile, pregnant with correct information. Start with a good head shot and craft your introduction well, so that people will not hesitate to add you to their circles. For building business, try to add a link to your website, blog and linden profile.

  • For conveying right brand image try to add relevant and remarkable images. So that Google will index the picture you share. If you are an author, try to as add picture of you at your book signing.
  • Make sure your profile adheres the quality of search visibility. Google Plus provides a chance for indexing your profile very quickly. And click on the check box mentioned against “Help others find my profile in Search Results” for better visibility of your profile.
  • Keep a key eye on optimization of links to the right of the profile using keywords. You can add links and text on the right side of your profile. Use right keywords for proper connection with your website.
  • Google Plus’ uses circles to communicate with clients, prospects, media, etc. It has become a vital point of selling point. Most people’s lives have layers including professional, personal, acquaintances, etc.Google Circles  allow you to make the most of the layers. Through Google Plus, you can create a circle for prospective clients and easily cater various industry news and case studies. On the other hand, Google will inform you when someone added you into his/her circle.
  • The power of relationships plays a vital role in the arena of social media marketing and networking. So, Use +, comments, and share to boost relationships.

  • Adding video to your profile will be the plus point for SEO. There is a very good chance of video indexing through Google’s search engine. If you have online video, please share it without any delay because it will promote information about you definitely.
  • Try to be familiar with its new feature “Sparks”, it is very helpful for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Setup “Sparks” for your name, company name, and industry terms.You can use “Spark” like Google alerts for tracking various information about industries.
  • Google Plus has become a hotbed for market research. Through Google Plus, you can ask questions and use Hangouts as needed. You can easily communicate with your sales people for any meeting.

  • Time has already been changed, people always need an easy way to follow. So, get a custom URL to share your Google Plus profile.

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