Google Places: A Boon for Small Business Entities

With the advent of internet marketing, the whole nature and structure of business has been changed. Finding products and services has become very easy in today’s world than before. Many business entities – small and big are becoming highly oriented towards the glory of online presence and intend to appear in Google search result pages. Google has developed Google Places; it is an improved search facility focuses on locations. If you are a small business and intends to target local customers rather than a global audience, using Google Places will
provide you tremendous benefits for the growth of your business.

Understanding Google Places.

Google Places is an excellent service that allows you to be listed on Google Maps. With the use of Google Places, your clients or customers can easily locate you. On the other hand, business owners, who are listed with Google, can also use Google Places to manage the information related to the business’ physical location. When a potential customer searches for the service or product you offer, your business would be listed under the organic web listings as well as in Places. Google usually blends the Google Places’ page and Maps along with the organic results for location specific searches, listing yourself in Google Places can be an excellent way to create brand awareness.

Listing of business on Google Places is easy and can be done in just three steps.
1.Set up an account
2.submit the relevant information (address, phone number, email, hours of operation, payment method, mode of service,images and even videos to Google)
3.Once you verify your listing through phone or mail, you would receive a PIN from Google that allows you to claim the specified listing. Once this process is complete, your listing would get accepted by Google and can be viewed on the site.

The best part of using Google Places is; it is a free service. It is up to you, to what extent you are able to use it and drive benefits from it.

Why every small business needs Google Places

Google Places is an excellent service from Google. It helps small business in various ways.

•Google Places is the local Yellow Pages
•It improves search engine page ranking
•Your business is easily found on Google Maps
•Cost-effective local marketing

How you can make the best use of Google Places

•Use keywords
•Add images and videos
•A Google places page for every location
•Encourage reviews

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