Google Launches “Store Visits” to drive Online Marketing Programs

The tech giant, Google is dynamic in nature. It changes its algorithms from time to time according to the market nature, structure and functions. Google wants to show there is a direct correlation between someone seeing a search Ad and then going into a specific store. A new tool developed by Google is “store visits”. This tool is able to generate some sort of insights for the marketers and help you optimize your online marketing programs.

Google has developed a store visit tool which uses an algorithm to estimate the number of people going to the store due to the impact of Ad. Google advertisers are interested to verify their location with the search giant to qualify for the new tool. So, there is need of mentioning location extensions in an AdWords account. Notable, this store visit info is now confined to U.S. advertisers and it will gradually be rolled out within the next few months. Through Google’s store visit, brands are able to guess how many people are influenced and actually acted after seeing an ad.

So, all Advertisers are required to verify their business locations with Google. You will get a chance to associate all business locations with their related campaigns to collect the store visit measurement. At the campaign level, all reporting will be provided. If the retailers are not able to break out campaigns by region or store location, store visit estimates won’t be shown. The fundamental thing is; Google is completely relying on data sampling. For sampling of data, Google needs different kinds of inputs.

The main reason for providing this metric is to show how search ads are able to drive offline sales and get advertisers to ramp their mobile investment in AdWords. With the development of Google’s new Store Visits, Google has brought new and dynamic insight into complex purchase paths. Through this store visits tool, you will be able to optimize your online marketing programs and at the same time you will be able to design better experiences for your targeted customers. On the other hand, you will allocate your budget more effectively without any delay.

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