Google Introduces Custom Columns for Advertisers

Google is very dynamic in nature. Google changes its algorithms from time to time with the changing nature of the markets. Google has launched custom columns in Ad Words to create a column that shows your every day performance metric like average CPC, average position, impression share, conversion etc. To speak in other words, it is a unique way to create and view segmented columns for the metrics you want to see.

You can add custom columns at the campaign or ad group level. And, as with other columns, you can sort, filter, and download the data in the custom columns. Basically, it focuses on specific networks, devices and also ad positions. From a time-management perspective, custom columns are very valuable. Google’s new custom columns can be added to the campaign or ad group reports. The Data within the report can be sorted, filtered, and downloaded.

Merits of custom columns

- You can segment by conversion type
- Device metrics
- Top vs. side segmentation
- Time management

Here below steps to create custom columns in Ad Words:

- Sign in to Google Ad Words account.
- Click the Campaigns tab.
- Click the Campaigns or Ad groups tab.
- Click the Columns drop down menu and then select customize columns.
- Select custom columns option on the left.
- If there is no existence custom column, then go to the next step in the dialog box.
- If the custom column created already, click +Column. Give the column name in the name field and the name will be shown in the column header.
- In the column description field, enter the description of the column.
- Choose the metric that bases the column.
- Select the segment that applies to the metric like network or device.
- Select the segment values and click Save option.
- Click Apply to apply the column customization to the data table.

According to Google, introducing custom columns to Ad Words reporting is an easy way to create and view segmented columns for the metrics you want to see.

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