Google Hummingbird and its Importance on SEO

Google is famous for its algorithm. It has been updating its algorithm with the demand of the market’s nature, structure and functions. Google has been using “Hummingbird” since September 2013. The name is “precise and fast” and is designed to better focus on the meaning behind the words. It has 200 factors that tremendously affect ranking and search. The biggest changes are done on mobile, considering the vast growing mobile market in recent years. It focuses on ‘conversational search’ which has been added to Hummingbird algorithm. Hummingbird can better understand the questions put by the user by understanding the real meaning behind the words. It can diagnose the entire phrase mentioned by the user rather than particular words. This new concept is applied by Google for efficient implication of technology to the billion of pages from across the web. The fundamental thing is; whatever you may develop but it should not affect the entire phenomenon of SEO. In true sense of the term, SEO plays a vital role for promotion of products and services. Search Engine Optimization has received some sort of changes with the addition of Hummingbird. But the main thing is content generation. We should generate quality content for efficient optimisation. The algorithm helps get rid of irrelevant content and spam and put more weight on industry and thoughts rather than irrelevant content. Google has organized many authorship programs for creation of quality content. Hummingbird also helps to help get rid of irrelevant content and spam for proper and efficient application of SEO. Google is attempting to make the web better and more useful place. So, for that reason, it is constantly focusing on intuition and development of knowledge. The main thing is Hummingbird uses phrases rather than keywords. Basically, long-trail keywords

have been used in content creation for proper optimisation. Hummingbird is more intelligent in comparison to other algorithms available in

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different search engines. It recognizes keyword stuffing and issues penalties accordingly. Hummingbird provides benefits for small and local businesses, niche markets, and content marketing enthusiasts. In case of small business, it is very difficult to compete for SERP rankings. But with the implementation of Hummingbird, the local business can see better results if they leverage their geographic location and local news and events. Similarly business in niche markets may benefit from Hummingbird, as the people are using longer and more specific search terms. On the other hand Hummingbird is able to guide you to generate more ideas for fresh content. Ultimately, it will be beneficial for your search engine optimisation process. So, many site owners, content producers, SEO professionals and publishers must be aware of the relevance of Hummingbird in SEO. Did you find this article fruitful? Let’s know your feedback in comments.

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