Google: Get Phone Numbers Verified For Call & Location Extension

To gain something is to pay something. It may be investment, intelligent and power. This concept is completely applicable to Google AdWords. It is a unique tool which has been developed by Google for users to generate traffic through clicks against payment per click. Google AdWords Campaign has become the definite way to bring high revenue.

If you are really intended to generate immediate traffic to your web sites against a certain investment, try to use of Google AdWords. It will bring a host of advantages for Web sites and businesses. With these positive features, Google AdWords has always been a major revenue source for Google. As a business entity, you are required to be an active participant in the AdWords Campaign. For easy business promotions and effective use of Google AdWords is essential to gain profit. You have to a keep key eye for choosing titles, conversion of keywords; understanding keywords and mentioning proper phone numbers.

According to Google, verification of your business phone number is vital. Ad without verified phone number is meaningless and it will be automatically disapproved. So verification of your phone number is very important for call and location extension. The phone number which requires verification will appear as Unverified or Unverified phone in the in the Ad extensions tab. To know your verification status of your phone number select Call extensions or Location extensions. Google has said this new policy will be applicable from June 2015.

What are the steps to get your phone numbers verified?
• Ensuring phone number used in your extension is available on the website featured in your advertisement.
• Linking your Google Webmaster Tools and AdWords accounts
• Adding your unique AdWords conversion tracking code snippet to the landing page featured in your advertisement.

Bringing large number of per click traffic through the use of Google AdWords is the plus point for marketing task. Google AdWords Campaign has great importance in bringing relevant traffic to your website. No one can neglect the importance and glory of Google AdWords’ location targeting because it has become the most important component for successful implementation of a PPC campaign.

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