Get traffic and generate high revenue through effective keywords

For successful SEO campaign, keyword optimization also plays a crucial role. If you fail in the first step, the road ahead is very difficult to rode and most likely you will definitely waste your time and money. There are several ways to determine which keywords to be optimized. As an SEO analyst you have to determine the proper placement of keywords for efficient optimization. So, the marketers of these days are focusing on proper use of keywords. They are also trying to generate revenue through website traffic. Building high traffic has been the need of the hour for revenue generation. If you are having a website related to dog. Don’t use keywords like dog or dog. Instead you could try and focus on the descriptive part of keywords like training for dogs obedience, small dog breeds, homemade dog food, dog’s care, etc.

Keyword density is the vital factor in your SEO tactics. It is nothing but a common measure how relevant the page is. As an SEO analyst, you have to determine the keyword density and its role in role in bringing proper optimization. On the other hand, you must be aware of what your targeted audience is looking for and which keywords and phrases are being used by the customers in different search engines for searching company’s products and services. The companies are giving importance on keyword research and analysis for bringing about healthy traffic to their websites.

Your first and foremost goal is to generate the most popular keywords and phrases which have high search volume and for which pages on your website are generating revenue.

If you really want to know the keywords used by the customers while using search engines, you have to know some tips and tools that will help you for revenue generation.
• Google analytic
• Google webmaster tools
• Internal site search
• Google ad words
• Google keyword planner
Another focus will be prioritization of your targets. You have already built up this big list of keywords related to your site, it’s time to use all these keywords for revenue generation.

In order to expand your list of existing high-value keywords, you are required to use different tools for that. These tools are given below.
• Google Correlate
• Merge Words

To see the relevant keywords that your competitors are really targeting, try the following tools for better results.
• SEMrush
• Google Keyword Planner
• Open Site Explorer

Your data is the foundation of your business. It’s time to act on your data. Your should focus on ROI. Various steps are given below to dominate SERPs in each category.
• Content marketing strategy
• Topic marketing
• Positioning as an typical expert and authority
• Personalize
• Re targeting
• Niche specialization

If you are able to implement the tools and strategies mentioned above, you will naturally able to bring in more visitors to your website. So,your website ranking will be improved without any delay. Proper care should be given on page titles, meta descriptions and long-tail keywords for bringing about high ranking of your website.

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