Facebook rolled out new feature “Share” pages you like


Facebook rolled out new feature “Share” pages you like

Facebook has rolled out new feature Share, this brand new feature motivates user to share page they like with their friends. Have you noticed this feature?

You can view this feature by clicking at page you like. Now beneath the tabs, see this new feature. Cover photo < tabs<friends< share



After Facebook fans like pages of their favorite brand or organization, they were usually suggested to like similar pages. But now Facebook has changed the game, now facebook will reach out to people who already had liked the pages, asking them to share those pages with their friends.

One of our colleagues brought this to our attention, showing that there is a new feature to our facebook accounts “Share this Page with more friends”, below a list of mutual friends who already like the page.

So, did you notice this new feature? Did you really like it? Let’s know your feedback in comments

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