Facebook Making Communication Easier Between Businesses and Clients

For those who opined Facebook as a fad and would pass away soon, must be eating their own words right now. The social networking site, ever since its inception, has gained popularity like no other and became an inseparable part in everybody’s life. Business entities today rely on this platform to enhance their businesses by reaching out to more audience than before.

Facebook at the same time, trying to update its features from time to time to make the website more user-friendly.They are constantly trying to make this website an excellent platform for business communication by bringing everything under one roof, i.e. providing every possible feature on one screen. Email messaging is the latest addition of updates by the social networking giant and is expected to make business communication even better. Let us take a deep insight of what exactly the feature involves.

  • Send Message’ on Local Awareness Ad

With this new advancement, you now don’t have to go to another page to write a new message. Now, you can send a message through the ads that appear on your newsfeed. This will surely keep the fans more engrossed, as they won’t be diverted to any other page for sending a message.

  • Reply to Comments through Personal Message

To keep business communications private and confidential, Facebook has bestowed its users with the option of reply via personal message. The all new ‘Reply’ and ‘Like’ options are making it easier for businesses to communicate effectively.

  • Managing Messages

It is always an annoying and tedious task for admins of business pages to administer all the messages it gets. Facebook, thus introduced the feature to manage messages, in order to save the admins go insane. It is very helpful for the admins, as it allows them to manage the messages conveniently and answer them, keeping a track of all the messages.

  • Identify Responsive Pages

Using this feature, you will be able to find out the pages that respondto messages within 5 minutes.This might help you in getting a lead in the market, as you will be able to know how your competitors are behaving on the platform.

With all these features, Facebook is trying to break all bounds of business communication on social media. It will surely help businesses to strengthen their ligature with the fellow fans, thereby making the business communication faster and effective. This step would definitely give Facebook the edge to retain the crown in the social media landscape.

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