Facebook Finally Started Testing “Expressive Like Button”

Putting the rumors of dislike button aside, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg finally came up with the updated version of the Like button, which has been a part of Facebook for long time. As we know, there has been a tremendous demand for a “Dislike” button because not every moment is a good moment or moment to cherish; sometimes people simply wish to express empathy. However, as always Facebook has come up with a rather innovative solution to the matter. It has introduced what is being called “Reactions” accompanied by the Like button.

What are “Reactions”?

Reactions enable you to express love, awe, sadness, humor and angry via the Like button on any facebook post. It is not a dislike button rather it gives you power to express your feelings – delight, sorrow, angry and empathy with a multi-faceted button of different emoji-inspired reactions. These reactions will be available in both mobile and computer version of Facebook.

This innovative development is a result of rigorous and continuous meetings to explore the best way to express real reactions. The first phase of pilot test is launched at Ireland and Spain followed by entire globe after having reactions of the users.

We think Facebook has given a really fascinating solution for users’ demand of the dislike button. Many people believe that dislike button can hurt the sentiments of people directly. Therefore, coming up with a solution where people can choose an option to express their emotion about particular post, image and page is a commendable effort of the Facebook team. Apparently, this is undergoing a test phase, hence we can expect further amendments in this button.

What if the “Reaction” feature is integrated with Facebook pages? 

This newly added feature will increase the user-engagement in the brand pages as users or followers will get more ways to express their emotions discreetly. On the other hand, brands will get more reactions from the followers leading to offer customized services as per user response.

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