Emotional Approach by Kleenex Does the Trick

Advertisers always try to connect with people with an emotional touch and we have seen quite a few of them lately, which were making rounds in the digital media. Following the trend, American tissue brand Kleenex has launched their new commercial, which has gone viral on social networking platforms. The video, as a part of their “Unlikely Best Friends” campaign, features a dog named Chance who is left with only two legs after a road accident and a warm hearted couple, who gives him refuge. Even the guy in the video is on a wheelchair, who truly understands the feeling of Chance. This touching video ends with a message “Someone Needs One”, which very cleverly implies that some of the viewers might need a tissue after watching the video.

The video has gone viral within a few days of its launch with more than 26 million views on social networking sites. However, the interesting twist in the tale is that it received more than 25 million views on Facebook compared to a meagre 200,000 views on YouTube. This shows that sometimes with a little push with word of mouth can make a video go viral on Facebook or Twitter, which fails to accomplish the same on video sharing platforms like YouTube.

Watch the video given below and do remember to keep your pack of tissues handy, as you might need it at the end of it.

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