Ecommerce Business Owners: It’s a great time to follow SEO Tips

If you plan to sell any product or service via the internet, you need to make sure that people can actually find you. There’s no relevance in having a fancy website with the best products at awesome prices if your site is not visible after the first page in Google. Few people will take the time necessary to look that far. In this connection SEO plays a vital role. It propels your business behind the screen and increases your traffic in the web world. If you are a small business man and your budget is limited to areas such as advertising, search engine optimization, email marketing, and website design. Try to apply SEO techniques for efficient business promotions. For efficient management of e-commerce business, you are required to know various tips.

Ecommerce SEO Tips

Use of Google Keyword Planner tool is definitely provides merits for your business. Find the most appropriate keywords for your page. Make a list of keywords from 1 to 7 in popularity for each category, specific to the products and services. If you already have a page established and it is not performing well, create a new page and do a 301 redirect to alert the search engines of the change.

You know there is a correlation between use of your keyword in your page title and the search engine ranking. On the basis of keywords, search engines rank your page.

A definite care must be given on page titles. Keep page titles short. Page titles should be around 55 characters because the new Google redesign cuts off longer ones. So keep titles short and sweet.

Using your keyword in the page’s H1 tag is a pulse point for your website ranking. It helps users visually determine the page’s content.

Search engine likes pages with readable content. If your web page is contains products, they search engine will not assist you. Content should be unique in nature. At lease write fifty words against products. Write for your shoppers, not the search engines.

Mention relevant keyword in your content for proper optimization. Use it at the beginning of your content, in your first sentence. Be careful. Avoid overuse of key words, because it will create keyword stuffing. To increases traffic and sales force also, use of meta description The engines will use your snippet in the results pages, if you use your main keyword in the meta description. Users will likely see your keyword in bold, which increase your visibility on the results page.

If you have an image in on the category page, you are required to use a keyword in the image’s alt tag. It can help rank that image in image search results. Another important point is; too many links on your page will dilute your link juice to other pages.

If you are an owner of an e-commerce website, please follow all these tips for efficient business promotions.

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