Current Email Marketing Trends for Business Entities

Among all these digital marketing strategies, email marketing has achieved a tremendous position in recent times. It has helped many companies to attain healthy ROI. Leaning the latest email marketing approaches is very vital for easy and efficient business promotions. According to email marketing experts, companies are required to maximise their email campaigns for business growth and development.

Prime importance would be given on simple email design to work across devices. Your email design should be responsive and your context and images should be properly placed for user’s accessibility. Many email marketers are in favour of email animation because more recipients are interested in downloading images. To many marketers animated gifs capture the reader’s attention. By using animated gifs and cinemagraphs, you can easily able to provide a vibrant, live email that engages the audience. Using of video in email has attracted many users. It’s easier to embed video now in emails with HTML5 rather than clicking through from your email to play it.

Predictive Intelligence has become more popular, as it’s readily available as a core feature in many email and MA tools. It involves applying propensity models to identify the combination of content and offers to most likely to generate a response. Another concept is using pop-up boxes, which are vital for greater accessibility. Social media use is a pulse point for any business. Social media platforms have solutions to grow your list. The new opt-in method also plays a vital role in email marketing. It allows a recipient to opt into a brand’s email program by sending a blank email to a particular email address. Besides, real time relevant content has great value for a business entity. Products, using live images and based on geography or profile is more beneficial for businesses.

Location-Specific email marketing plays a vital role for business promotions. Through location-specific email marketing, you will be able to target a specific segment of users. And you will be able to refer to events, landmarks or stores.

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