Controlling One’s Reputation


Hi, as a part of the ORM, today I am discussing about “Controlling Your Reputation”. I want to ask you a question –

How much value do you place on your good reputation?

If we look at it purely from a financial point, our reputation help us get work, money and be more influential. On a personal level, a good name is something of which we can be proud of. It is something tangible that makes us feel good.

Thanks to the rise of social media, the increased prevalence of mobile technology and the continuing reign of Google information had never been easier to obtain than it is now in the Digital Age. Consumer’s eager to make purchasing decisions can locate product reviews with click of a button only.

The bigger downside is simply that people can write or post whatever they like on the Internet. Having information about your company, easily accessible via online search is helpful if that information is uniformly positive, when a brand gets weighed down with negative reviews and consumer complaints however it can prove detrimental. Likewise, individuals whose names are attached to embarrassing photos or scandalous news face daily embarrassment not to say professional consequences.

Thankfully, there are ways for companies and individuals to recover their tarnished reputations, to enhance their corporate or professional brands, and ultimately to fight back against online defamation. What the ORM strives to do is simple: To empower individuals and companies to once again control the way they are presented on the Web.

Enhancement of Brand

More and more, consumers are turning to the Internet; it means that the online profile of any business is essential, regardless of the industry or whether the business is selling its products and services online or offline. When a consumer conducts an online search for any brand, it is necessary that he finds positive information and good reviews; anything else could ultimately lead to sales loss and client loss.

Enhancement of Brand

Suppression of Reviews

It has never been easier to obtain quick and clear online reviews of different products and services. In fact, individuals are coming to trust these online reviews more than ever before—something that may seem like a boon to consumers but can often be a detriment to businesses. When a consumer searches for a brand on the Internet, he hopes to find proof that the company is legitimate. When the only search engine results to emerge are negative reviews, it can be lethal to the business.

Complicated thing is the fact that negative online reviews can come from a wide range of sources. They may come from actual consumers, but they may also be planted by business competitors or dissatisfied employees. While it is impossible to prevent these reviews, but through ORM we can suppress them, effectively pushing them out of the public eye and ensuring that they do minimum or no damage. We can populate brand-enhancing information about the brand in question, ensuring that it is portrayed as a desirable option for consumers.

Keep Yourself in Control

Online reputation is not a matter of vanity. Whether you are an individual affected with embarrassing search engine listings or a company affected with bad news the effects can be detrimental. Thankfully, there is a door to regain control, and to once again be in charge of how your image is presented on the Internet, no matter what the situation is.

By Deepak SME (SEO)

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