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Which is better – Content Marketing or Context Marketing?

Content marketing is certainly one of the most touted topics among the digital marketers because it is the most influential and effective approach to reach the target audiences. Content marketing is a broad term which incorporates marketing content in different modes – blogs, articles, online magazines, and social media. The prime purpose is to develop […]


Snapchat is a Future Brand Conversation Platform

How did Snapchat, which was earlier described as “sexting app” become the world’s hottest social network platform? Snapchat brings realness in our interaction. The self-destructing messages concept makes people secured with the data (Images and videos) that they share. Self-destructing messages create an urgency for the snap users to read or share the story or […]

How Content Marketing Works Effectively?

Undoubtedly, creative content attracts visitors but how content is marketed throughout the web determines its success. Thus, an effective content marketing strategy plays vital role determining the success of your content. What measures the success of content? From the SEO perspective, the more your content is interacted with target audience and increasing link authority of […]