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LinkedIn Marketing is the new wave of Marketing in Social Platforms

There are more than 400 million users in LinkedIn. This stats indicate that this business social networking site is quite successful in deriving more users who think that this is the best place to connect with professionals. On an average a CEO has 930 connection on LinkedIn, which is tremendous. The biggest reason why people […]

Off page ranking factors – Are They Fact Or Myth?

Being a digital marketer, you have been experiencing volatility of Google Algorithms. Do you know which factors exactly ranks a website in first place in SERPs? Nobody knows exactly what Google considers as the ranking factor.  Indeed, Google is secretive when it is about ranking factors. There are almost more than 400 factors that impact […]

Facebook Finally Started Testing “Expressive Like Button”

Putting the rumors of dislike button aside, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg finally came up with the updated version of the Like button, which has been a part of Facebook for long time. As we know, there has been a tremendous demand for a “Dislike” button because not every moment is a good moment or moment […]

Will Marketers be Appeased by Facebook Changes in Ads Pay Option?

Finally, the giant social media website, Facebook acknowledged the grievances of top-notch brands who expressed that their ads in Facebook are not being actually seen by the internet users. As a result of the discussions, Facebook came up with 2 major changes in its ads operations, which enables the marketers to opt for the choice […]

Bid Management: A Unique Way to Achieve Campaign Goals

Pay-per-Click has always been a unique concept for traffic generation. No one can neglect the importance and glory of bid management in PPC. In the true sense of the term, bid management is the core foundation of PPC. There are various ways to analyze and manage your bids. By managing bids on your keywords will […]