Breadcrumb Navigation and Its true SEO Value

Breadcrumbs are navigational aids placed on top of the body content of a webpage. Breadcrumbs navigation is often overlooked in the design and development process. It has greatly increased the usability of a website.

Breadcrumbs give users an alternative method of navigation. It allows users to see where they stand in the hierarchy of a website, and will reduce the number of steps needed to navigate to a higher-level within a website. In today’s world, there are different types of breadcrumb navigation are being used. It not only make or break a website it provides added benefits to the users with the increase of the overall usability and functionality of your website. There are various types of breadcrumbs, including path, location and attribute.

For efficient navigation, use breadcrumbs at the top of a page. It should always start with the home page and degrade to the currently page and try to find out a unique medium where your breadcrumbs are noticeable however not overbearing. If you your website have pages that fall under two or more categories, you may not use breadcrumbs on your website. Keep a key eye on organized hierarchy of the website and examine it is being displayed accordingly through your breadcrumbs.

Why Use Breadcrumbs?
• It provides greater usability
• It is easy to backtrack
• It eliminate additional clicks
• It shows users hierarchy
• It is visually pleasing
• It provides additional help
• It lower bounce rates
• It builds interest

Breadcrumbs SEO Benefit
Breadcrumbs have tremendous impact on SEO. It helps search engines crawl our site. It also helps usability. It also shows readers the exact location on our site. Hopefully, it increases the click-through rate on your site. Through breadcrumbs users get chance to see the different categories of interest.

Breadcrumbs provide more time on site and a lower bounce rate is an important part of SEO. Adding breadcrumbs into the sites is an excellent method to bring better navigation. For search engines breadcrumbs provide a unique mechanism to highlight important keywords for the search engines to note in your navigation. They also add content relevancy to your pages because they are all now keyword-intensive.

Google has introduced has introduced auto-generate breadcrumb navigation for a lot of online sites. Through these auto-generated breadcrumbs, a large number of sites have been hierarchically-arranged. Google’s auto-generated breadcrumbs provide tremendous benefits to e-commerce sites with hundreds of product pages grouped across dozens of different categories.

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