Boost your SEO with Google+ Profile


Google+ holds such an authoritative effect on Google Search not only just because Google+ is a product of Google but due to the very construct of what Google+ is. Google+ symbolizes much more than Google’s challenge to get into the social network battle to compete with social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. As head of Google+’s Vic Gundotra has said, “It’s really the unification of all of Google’s services, with a common social layer.”

Befor sharing a post on Google +, make sure your post comprises of exact keywords that are used by folks while searching for you or your services and products. In order to increase your ranking on search page, you must construct and share quality, rich and interactive content about things relevant to your target group.

Google+ offers a direct advantage to Google “Search Engine Giant” as it infinitely enhancees the data Google has from Google users. As folks create profiles in Gmail account, product of google and continue to net surfing while staying signed in to Google, this process enables Google to track easily identity of account holder and tie to their information like interests, hobbies etc. Google gets chance to gather even more such kind of data when folks actually use Google+ account, either by simply clicking on “+1” on things across the Google+ profile or more actively when they share their own or Google+ stuff with their circles and engages with their network. Data driven from this process enables Google to customize better and target both advertising for users and organic search results. Google understands very well that the better quality ads and results are targeted much and folks respond more on them. Customization also enhances user satisfaction with Google, evoking people to be more likely to use Google again and again.

When it comes to Google search, Google considers Google+ profile and pages just like “normal” websites. That fundamentaly hits home only when Google+ profiles and pages have PageRank. When it comes to search authority, Google+ profiles can be just as strong as any other web page. That means one should not only use Google+ for SEO but one should use it to practice better SEO.

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