Bid Management: A Unique Way to Achieve Campaign Goals

Pay-per-Click has always been a unique concept for traffic generation. No one can neglect the importance and glory of bid management in PPC. In the true sense of the term, bid management is the core foundation of PPC. There are various ways to analyze and manage your bids. By managing bids on your keywords will definitely open up new traffic for your online business. There is AB testing to improve the management of the number of keywords.

With the implementation of bid management strategy you can achieve your campaign goals. If the keywords bought by you are not producing any sort of expected results, the right strategy is: to change the bid than to simply get rid of the keyword. To maintain a healthy PPC account, management of bid is highly required. Before implementing bid management goals, there are various goals that the advertisers try to achieve. The best decision should be made to bring efficiency.

Bid Management Goals
- It increases branding and drives lots of traffic impressions while staying under a target CPM.
- It increases site traffic by driving lots of clicks while staying under a target CPC.
- It increases leads by driving conversions while staying below a maximum CPA.
- It increases sales by driving conversions with a positive ROI.

The critical role of bid management

Today’s search marketing techniques means that there is a need for an automated bid management tool that is able to analyze data and generate smart bids across millions of keywords at scale. By applying these tools, search marketers can meet specific business goals, increase return on investment (ROI), save time managing their keyword bids, and simplify systems and processes across multiple campaigns. But in today’s competitive arena, automated bid optimization can make or break a search campaign performance, and as such, it’s imperative to choose a tool that does it best.

So before starting a PPC advertising campaign, determine the maximum Cost Per Click (CPC) you’re willing to pay for a given keyword phrase. Try to adopt different bidding strategies for Google and Overture.

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