Beat Search Optimization Challenges through SEO Reports

In the recent times, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) landscape has been changing rapidly. Generating high traffic and quality content has become the need of the hour. Many SEO analysts are aware of the new trend of traffic generation for efficient optimization of the web page. Measuring paid Ad channels is very simple. But having definite clarity on SEO and its efficient implementation is becoming more and more complex. In a true sense of the term, SEO needs a wide range of activities. Tracking key performance indicators separately is a very difficult task. If you are managing your in-house SEO or working with an external SEO team, a well established battle-tested reporting framework is definitely required.

Initial Report should be generated before the SEO campaign begins. This report will allow you for efficient measurement of result latter. Keyword research reports also play important role for evaluating the SEO budget. In addition, competition analysis reports are said to be the unique concept in the hands of SEO analyst to uncover the SEO strategy behind your competitors’ websites.

On the other hand, Website Audit reports provide information about different content related issues including page titles, meta tags, keyword density, HTML formatting tags, HTML validation errors and Broken links, etc. Ongoing weekly reports are used to track the SEO progress. So, you have to keep a key eye on SEO team, whether it is heading in the right direction or not.

Various ongoing weekly reports are given below.
- Keyword Rankings Reports
- Competitors’ Rankings Reports
- Link-Building Reports

Notably, your link building report should include link source URL, link destination URL; anchor text, linking page’s pagerank; number of external links on each linking page; and number of backlinks on each linking page.

Besides, framing reports, efforts should be undertaken for comparison between Current keyword rankings and previous rank check, and current competitors’ rankings with previous rank check. A proper care must be taken for a list of links obtained during the reporting period. Moreover, implement continuous, automatic monitoring tactics for your SEO. Make sure your website is performing well, and you are continuously getting traffic from important sources. Implementing Google analytics for sending automatic alerts based on the parameters you predefined is very vital for your website optimization.

So it is advisable to have various SEO reports given above to meet today’s search engine optimization challenges.

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