Another Penalty Mistake Made by Google

Buffer’s website faced a serious dropdown of 90% in Google’s traffic, recovered after Google managed to debug an unhandled issue. Courtney Seiter, owner of Buffer stated that Buffer’s blog faced an unavoidable situation that was a penalty mistake from Google’s end which proved to be drastic for the redirecting organic traffic to the site. Almost 90% traffic was dropped and was not directed to the Buffer’s website. The issue was not on the Buffer’s end, but a bug in the Google’s algorithm. Courtney stated, they experienced that it was a manual action penalty mentioned in the Google’s Webmaster Tool after the major Traffic drop, but after they completed their testing they realised that manual action was not working properly so they had a conversation with Google’s John Mueller and came to the conclusion that there was a bug in the system of Google and soon it was fixed after the complaint was made. As a result Buffer didn’t have to change anything on their SEO part. Courtney told: “Thankfully, our mystery has a happy though with a slightly inconclusive ending. Mueller’s team at Google found an issue and let us know they had fixed it. The manual action penalty was removed Aug. 28 and we began to see signs of recovery immediately after.” Screen-Shot-2014-09-16-at-4.07.57-PM-800x233 organic-traffic-isolated-compared-to-past-in-GA-800x140 It is not the first time Google has made a mistake either with algorithm or through

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manual actions that resulted in a large traffic drop for various other associated organizations. Recently in 2012 a bug in the Google’s parked domain classifier led to sites dropping out of the index. It’s MetaFilter was attacked by an unidentifiable algorithm that affected the websites ranking for a very long time.. Google then made vast changes and adjustments for past few months and then the ranking started to come at par. The two hit points to be noted off during this time in the buffers website are: 1- Buffer underwent HTTPS migration at the same moment of traffic drop, but they believe that it has nothing to do with it. 2-This migration is only possible with manual actions which can only be done in the presence of Google’s Team who can actually fix it and bring the Buffer’s website at a good organic rank position, but the main question here is manual actions means humans to work manually and not its been automated or the result of a change in algorithm. Since manual actions are not been recorded on timeline so it was hard for Courtney to estimate the manual action was related to traffic drop or not. Stay tuned for more updates from us and Google. Did you find this article fruitful? Let’s know your feedback in comments. Source:

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