Ambiguous Advertisement: An Advertising Method with a Twist

“What really decides consumers to buy or not to buy is the content of your advertising, not its form.” – David Oglivy

Whatever be the medium, the effectiveness of an advertisement is directly proportional to the content of the same. Among various mediums, print media holds a strong position in promoting any product or service. However, the journey to achieve success in print advertising is not a cakewalk and involves a lot of creative strategies. A print ad should be analyzed and viewed from different perspectives, in order to get the attention it seeks.
Ambiguous advertising is one of the several forms of print advertisement, which if curated properly can do a lot of wonders. But have you ever thought, what makes this type of advertising so captivating that viewers tend to ask for more?? Although, ambiguity sometimes happens due to ignorance, yet when done deliberately with a meaningful slogan, can be proved to be a successful odyssey. Ambiguity in the context of advertisement, is to differentiate a particular brand from the competitors with a slogan or visual that set aside the brand with its unique features or qualities. This form of advertisement has to be witty, yet should convey the right message that can enthrall the viewers.

Normally in ambiguous advertisements, the target audience is being played with tricky optical illusions or by ambiguous statements to create a lasting impression on the viewers. However just like any other form of advertising, this one too have some issues that needs to be taken care of. The main problem is the interpretation of the statement, which may be offensive to many and can lead to some uncanny situation later. Going by the history of advertisement, there had been such cases where lawsuits have been filed against ambiguous advertisements due misinterpretation of statements.

Despite the problem, ambiguous advertisement stands right up amongst all other forms, for its special way to promote a brand. To give a brief detail, we have tried to pull out some excellent ambiguous advertisements for your amazement. Have a look!!



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