A Tool for Technical SEO and Actionable Insights

The technical SEO root is nothing but a deep understanding of a website’s architecture and how Google relates to the pages on the site. In my experience, the best way to gain this level of knowledge on any individual site is through deep log file analysis. Splunk is my favorite tool for this task. Splunk is a fantastic big data tool which provides you to parse large amounts of data quickly and easily to make important decisions. With Splunk, you can easily sorting a large number of rows in an excel spreadsheet and you will understand the need for a tool like this. For many websites, its free version should be more than enough just to upload and analyze your access logs. Advantages of Splunk: – It facilitates complex correlation analysis across multiple machine-generated data sources. – It allows a business entity to unlock highly valuable business intelligence from its machine data. – It allows a business entity to rapidly build a technology health monitoring, analysis and alerting system without pre-structuring the source data. – It only charges for data that is indexed. Data can be quickly indexed and analyzed for relevance, then de-indexed if desired. – It allows the implementation of a highly tailored and cost-effective monitoring solution. – It allows a hybrid cloud + installed

approach. How Splunk helps you with your technical SEO efforts: First of all you are required to discover whether a URL has been crawled by Googlebot or any other bot. You know 404 error pages are wasted visits. If you find lots of broken links in your website, fix them might not be a realistic goal. In this case, log parsing becomes very helpful for you. Through this, you can discover 404’ed URLs which are frequently accessed by users. Either you fix them and redirect the traffic to a working page. Splunk can help you finding Googlebot 302s. It is able to calculate the number of pages crawled by Google every. If you wanted to know how many URLs per day that Google’s mobile bot crawls, splunk can calculate the number of pages crawled by Googlebot mobile every day. With your technical SEO efforts, Splunk can assist you quickly discover all the URLs Googlebot is crawling, and then you will have the data to make a decision about what should be added to your robots.txt file. By using Splunk, you can set up an alert for 500s by Googlebot. http://www.webisdom.com/blog/a-tool-for-technical-seo-and-actionable-insights/ http://www.webisdom.com/blog/a-tool-for-technical-seo-and-actionable-insights/ http://www.webisdom.com/blog/a-tool-for-technical-seo-and-actionable-insights/ http://www.webisdom.com/blog/a-tool-for-technical-seo-and-actionable-insights/As a fantastic hosted or cloud-based tool, Splunk allows you to parse large amounts of data quickly and easily to make important decisions. Did you find this article fruitful? Let’s know your feedback in comments.

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