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A Primer on Cross Platform Mobile Application Development Platforms

Posted on 01.01.19 by Anurag Gahlawat, Practice Head & Head of Operations

In this hyper connected world, the demand of mobile app development services has boomed astronomically. It is imperative for all kind of businesses to be it B2B or B2C or C2C to have Mobile App Development framework for various functions like Customer Service, Order Processing, Order Delivery, Marketing of Products and Services, Product Placement, Service Operations among others. These Mobile Apps can broadly be classified into 2 categories namely Native Apps and Cross Platform Mobile App.


These apps are designed specifically for particular Mobile Operating Systems like Android or iOS. Native apps are generally coded in a single programming language like Windows on XAML or iOS on Swift. It gives you high performing, custom experience and doesn’t require an internet connection to run. Native apps perfectly interact with the internal features of your device. But the point we must consider here is that these apps are very costly and can't be used over the web. The updates and maintenance are also costly and very tedious for developers.


These apps have the features of native apps but can run across a distinct range of Operating systems like iOS, Windows, and Android. It fills the need of developing specific Native Apps for various platforms. Single framework and codebase are used, that runs the app across different platforms. HTML, JavaScript, CSS are some majorly used programming language for these apps.these apps compiles different versions of the same program for different operating systems. Cross-platform apps are basically native apps in download ability and performance but have access to the internet for user interactions.

In this fast moving-hyper connected digital age it is imperative for a brand to be very agile with latest tech and as part of that a brand must embrace new developments across the Mobile Application Development Landscape. Mobile App Development Platform targets all these aspects. They are software platforms that allows for development, testing and deployment of mobile apps for Mobile Phones and Tablets. It comprises elements of service and product that are used in building a mobile application. MADPs are favorable as they allow for faster development, more comprehensive in terms of testing and are more economical.

MADPs provide multiplatform mobile development support, optimal security, availability of integration connectors and future-proof functionality. A good mobile app development framework also provides for increased digital engagements in voice, wearable experiences and augmented reality. MAD ensures that the mobile app functions in the same way and is compatible with every device. Choosing the right platform for your mobile app is not an easy job. With diverse options in the market, it becomes pretty hard to select the right development platform for your business. Two major types of MADPs are present in the market namely:- Native Development Platform & Cross Development Platform. Before choosing the right platform for a business, one should have a clear idea of their goals and target. One should always choose a Platform that is aligned with Product (App) Roadmap and Product Marketing.

In this particular blog we will have a technical assessment of some popular Cross Platform MADPs

Below is a list of some popular Cross-platform mobile app development tools which we can consider to use for our business. They have been categorised as free and paid Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools. It solely depends on the company to determine the type of application according to their budget and target, keeping in mind the goal to be achieved by your mobile application. Paid Cross Platform MADPs are generally targeted towards Enterprise level Apps while Free Cross Platform MADPs are suited for Consumer Focused Apps.

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