A Few Father’s Day Campaigns that are too good to Resist

Going by the books of business, we know that every company grabs the least of opportunity to advertise their products. They leave no stone unturned when it comes to promoting their brand. Father’s Day is such an occasion, where every company jumps in to cash the opportunity. As the world is busy celebrating this big man’s day, we took a deeper look at the digital media platform and tried to bring you a few amazing digital media campaigns surrounding Father’s Day. Go through.

Always known for their unique approach in advertising their brand, this personal care brand has come up with a new advertisement to honor fatherhood. As a part of their #RealStrength campaign, this ad has been dedicated to all dads who joined the fight for LGBT equality and thus is catching a lot of attention. The advertisement is being titled as “First Fatherhood Moments”.

Original Source: http://bit.ly/1fcxsze

This Japanese automotive company decided to celebrate fatherhood in a different way by asking people what they would do for their dads on that particular day. They even sponsored a guy to return home to meet his father after long 13 years, which is featured in the video. The ad titled “Father’s Day Redo” is a part of their #OneBoldChoice campaign.

Original Source: http://bit.ly/1dIeC1N

Godrej Expert
Godrej’s hair color brand Godrej Expert has launched its new campaign on Father’s Day, titled “My First Hero”, conveying the message that heroes never age. However, their campaign would only run in the digital media platform inintegration with social networking sites.

Original Source: http://bit.ly/1RiBjGY

Vicks VapoRub
The ointment brand has launched their Father’s Day campaign with an emotional ad showing the hidden sweetness in the father-son relationship. This ad is a part of their #HugYourDad campaign and is hoping to hit the bull’s eye, targeting the audience with sentiments.

Original Source: http://bit.ly/1LhfHZG

Omaha Steaks
This US based gourmet food company has come up with a TVC with the title “Happy Father’s Day: I Love You”, which is also available on the digital media. The ad has emphasized on telling your big man the three magical words, without bothering about your age.

Original Source: http://bit.ly/1FmfuCV
Cadbury’s cookie brand Oreo’s adorable ad concerning father’s day,where a small kid wakes up his father at night to share a cookie and wish him father’s day is getting a lot of attention. This commercial has hit right chords and is becoming one of the most favorite TV commercials among the consumers.

Original Source: http://bit.ly/1fs9e49

Johnnie Walker
This famous Scottish brand whisky has started an excellent initiative to honor fatherhood by rewarding an all-expense paid trip for two to the Johnnie Walker House in Beijing. As a part of the campaign #DateWithDad, Johnnie Walker Blue Label has asked people to share the most memorable moment with their fathers and the selected entries would get a chance to share some more memorable moments with the big man in Beijing.

Original Source: http://bit.ly/1H4JMMk

As everyone is celebrating this day with happiness and love, we wish every father out there a Happy Father’s Day.

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