Cosmetic Brand ‘Vichy’ asks Ladies to Forget Flawless

Are your worries about the way you look hampering your confidence?? If yes, then you should immediately watch this new commercial by the French cosmetic brand Vichy, where they are asking consumers to throw away all the worries about their looks and be confident. In recent times, it has been seen that creative and unique ad campaigns have created a havoc across the media channels. Going out of the box is a rising trend in the advertising industry, which provoked Tuxedo, the think tank behind the campaign, to come up with such an excellent idea. Going against the normal trend of cosmetic advertisements exhibiting the product’s capabilities to enhance your skin, this French cosmetic brand has launched their introductory ad campaign in the US titled, “Forget Flawless – Your skin deserves better”.

This humorous ad showing ladies talk to their reflections on the mirror and getting replies, has taken a light hearted approach to promote its products. Unlike other cosmetic brands, Vichy’s ad campaign has models, who have been not at all retouched. Even their print and billboard ads exude models without being retouched on Photoshop. This campaign is expected to catch a lot of attention among the masses with its distinctive approach. With a full length video of 2 minutes and 30 seconds, the advertisement will run online in 15 and 30 seconds versions. The video featuring women critiquing themselves on the mirror is expected to strike all the right notes. Have a look to know better.


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