5 Major Digital Trends in 2015 to Impact 2016

We have entered into a New Year with lots of optimism and hope, especially, for the persons who are mentors and owners of businesses, and are looking forward it as an opportunity to grow multifold when there is so much buzz about digitization taking pivotal role in business processes. However, the year 2015, yet once again witnessed the influence of ever evolving nature of cyberspace,where, new trends and evolving technologies capable to impact daily walk of life were in center of discussion on different mass media platforms, including, social media and micro blogging.

Among, across the Internet, various technologies and ideas emerging and subsiding at the same time, below are the most talked about digital trends of 2015 that are going to influence 2016 as well as subsequent years of digital proliferation and transformation.

Net Neutrality: With, more than three billion world population on Facebook, it is amazing to learn that there would be more people connected to internet; the term Net Neutrality, coined by Columbian Law Professor, Kim Yu, naturally comes into a debate. Net Neutrality, a hardened advocacy of uniform and free accessibility of the Internet without any discrimination at any stage of technology whether at protocol, IP or ISP level opposes steps as Free Basics or Internet.org. Net Neutrality was discussed on the different platforms throughout the year 2015 whether internet to be regulated and rationed as public utility like LPG, Petrol, Electricity, etc.
The supporters of Net Neutrality have apprehension of blocking of freedom of speech as enjoyed by social media and micro blogging to an extent of creating social uprising like Cairo revolution in real time. In business circuit, it is life line for new business. Startup and SMEs devoid of it face difficulty in growth and to reach their expected revenue targets, when blocked to their extended markets. It will be an additional burden on their finances to pay at varying level of the Internet accessibility.
Social groups that have no better platform to register opposition against different types of discriminations then Internet emerged as natural supporter of Net Neutrality.

Google Alphabet: May be the biggest news of the previous year from the cyber world, when, Google announced its massive expansion plans for the future, Alphabet, a holding company for all the existing properties and assets of Google Inc., on second October 2015. A California based venture, Alphabet is now a parent company for Google and several other companies under the proprietorship of Google. The launch of the company headed by Google’s co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Bin is a rather surprise for commoner of Internet who was always curious for next big product from Google. Various opinions about Google’s this development were on social and mass media, however, all are unanimous that this step will help Google to diversify its resources better way and come up with some amazing product and services in coming time.

google alphabet

Internet of Things (IoT): Evolved from an idea of RFID connected objects globally to advanced connectivity of devices and systems beyond machine to machine connection ushering a new era of automation, IOT was discussed at length and breadth all across the Globe last year. People were quite euphoric on the possibility of sensor based devices driven by Wifi to be remotely monitored as dishwashers and dryers. IOT was center of discussion on technology webinars, events and discuss where the potential of technology was discussed to fully materialize concepts like Smart Grids, Smart Homes, Intelligent Transportation and Smart Cities. As estimated 50 billion objects to be connected on IOT by 2020, the idea will be worth $11.1 trillion per year by 2025. A technology, IOT, at transitional phase to be utilized at various levels will showcase its wider implications for better work efficiency and productivity.

Internet.org: Internet.org now renamed as Free Basics, a brain child of Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook and collaborated effort of six companies including Samsung, Ericsson, Nokia and Qualocomm with Facebook is all about free basic internet services to the people. May be a noble idea to let people access free Internet, however, the idea is facing stiff resistance from the supporters of Net Neutrality, who, are condemning it as an effort to block the freedom of the Internet. A threat to upcoming companies and startups, Free Basics forces certain restrictions on developers for encryption and coding thus raising many security threats for them. Moreover, issues as accessibility to some preferred and other are certain topics to be discussed throughout 2016 as well.

Social Experiments: In addition, to the above discussed heated talks on social media, the year 2015 continued with same vigor and enthusiasm on digital space where companies and brands kept on engaging on social media to get business and market themselves. The trend and expectations to grow business with the help of social media will be the most happening thing in next year as well.

No, doubt the year 2016 will fare with these innovative trends and many more development in digital technology arena.

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