Principles of online marketing performance

Modern age in the age of digital marketing and social media. No business is free from the influence of social media and online marketing. For business promotions, many business entities are bound to depend on online marketing. For achievement of business goals and objectives one has to depend on SEO. Digital marketing strategy is a unique method to reach out your targeted audiences. To be successful in business, you must be aware of SEO, Social Media, PPC and other tactics.

As an SEO analyst you have to keep a key eye on “call to action” buttons, using the right colors, easy navigation, social media buttons, big space for texts for SEO reasons. The quality of images should be given priority. Another concept is keyword selection. It plays a vital role for promoting your products.

The fundamental aspect of search engine optimization is adding SEO elements in your content page. Some SEO elements are given below:

Source code (meta title, meta description)

  • Alt tags on the images,
  • H1, h2,
  • Internal links,
  • Bold characters,
  • Sitemap.xml,
  • Google analytics
  • Webmastertools
  • Google plus profile
  • Google places
  • Rel canonical (wherever it is needed)
  • Rel publisher
  • Robots.txt
  • Hreflang
  • International targeting
  • Writing blog

Use of social media has become a new trend in business promotions. Please use social media like especially Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter as well as others such as StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Pinterest or even a YouTube Channel depending on the industry you are in Launching of Adword campaign will definitely enhance the Brand Awareness of your website. Another aspect which is responsible for the promotion of your product and services is to writing of press release and making linkage with different newspapers and magazines.

Care should be given on building links. There are many link building techniques which are responsible for building your business with definite care.

Link building techniques and SEO:

  • Using your Blog to add internal links
  • Guest Posting,
  • Competitor Analysis
  • The program HARO
  • Some good directories in your niche
  • Some good Bookmarks
  • Creation of Infographics and sharing them
  • Broken Link Building

Content marketing, SEO and social medial all are interrelated. If you are writing a blog, you will definitely increase your reach.

So, try to analyze the intentions of your targeted audience through various Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Pinterest Analytics, Facebook Analytics , etc. The most important aspect is to optimize you should optimize the design of your website to maximize your conversions.

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