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LinkedIn Marketing is the new wave of Marketing in Social Platforms

There are more than 400 million users in LinkedIn. This stats indicate that this business social networking site is quite successful in deriving more users who think that this is the best place to connect with professionals. On an average a CEO has 930 connection on LinkedIn, which is tremendous. The biggest reason why people […]

Top 5 digital marketing trends in 2016

Considering the ever changing digital marketing landscape, it becomes vital for the marketers to stay updated with the latest changes and learn new things in digital marketing.  Here is a list of top 5 digital trends that Online Marketing Agency in India will adopt. Personalization: Personalization and big data made a huge leap in 2014 […]

Off page ranking factors – Are They Fact Or Myth?

Being a digital marketer, you have been experiencing volatility of Google Algorithms. Do you know which factors exactly ranks a website in first place in SERPs? Nobody knows exactly what Google considers as the ranking factor.  Indeed, Google is secretive when it is about ranking factors. There are almost more than 400 factors that impact […]

Importance of weekly SEO audit

When it comes to measuring digital marketing performance, SEO audit can be the best way to scrutinize the impact of internet marketing efforts and check where your website stands in the market. SEO audit covers some important components of a website performance – backlink analysis, site architecture, indexing, content related factors and social media engagement. […]

Can creative posts engage your brand with customers?

Everybody is screaming out about creativity but nobody knows creativity. What we have understood creativity, it is a simple act of turning your imaginative notions into reality. There is one unquestionable fact about internet culture these days, it is tremendously visual. Have you ever pondered about how you can explore internet deriving benefits to your […]