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Turn your potential customers into happy customers

Turn your potential customers into happy customers Are you struggling with your marketing tactics to get better conversion rate of online customers? You might be wondering why customers abandoned the shopping cart without completing checkout.To sharpen your marketing tactics, include re-targeting marketing in your digital marketing strategy. What is re-targeting marketing? Re-targeting marketing also known […]

Keyword Analysis

Why keyword analysis is important? It would not be a metaphor if we consider keywords the blood of digital marketing. Not only the digital marketers consider keywords as important element but online visitors also consider keywords very important for their information over the web. Google, the giant search engine alone fields more than 100 billion […]


Print advertising evolution and how it holds up today

Print ads have been around as long as any other mediums of advertisements, surviving the advent of internet, radio and television, maintaining its steady influence. Essence of print advertisement has never been faded hence there are many companies that invest millions in print advertisements. Print ad has its history backed 100 years ago, since then […]


Why digital enterprise solution is a better idea?

The hallmark of a non-digital enterprise is that its IT department is treated as a cost center. Gap -> Innovation -> Adoption ->Shift/Change  ->Gap – >Re-Innovation -> Adoption Business evolution anywhere in the world mirrors the above through its relentless churn sifting through multifarious cycles, decline and growth. But it is with a view to […]

5 Major Digital Trends in 2015 to Impact 2016

We have entered into a New Year with lots of optimism and hope, especially, for the persons who are mentors and owners of businesses, and are looking forward it as an opportunity to grow multifold when there is so much buzz about digitization taking pivotal role in business processes. However, the year 2015, yet once […]