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Second US Visit of Prime Minister Modi: Will it Boost the Digital Transformation?

The atmosphere in Silicon Valley was energetic; people were chanting “Modi” and “Vande Mataram” to greet Indian Prime Minister. During the second visit to US, PM Modi decided to visit Facebook and Google Headquarters. In his two days visit to Silicon Valley, PM Narendra Modi was scheduled to interact with Sundra Pichai, CEO of Google […]

Will Marketers be Appeased by Facebook Changes in Ads Pay Option?

Finally, the giant social media website, Facebook acknowledged the grievances of top-notch brands who expressed that their ads in Facebook are not being actually seen by the internet users. As a result of the discussions, Facebook came up with 2 major changes in its ads operations, which enables the marketers to opt for the choice […]

How Content Marketing Works Effectively?

Undoubtedly, creative content attracts visitors but how content is marketed throughout the web determines its success. Thus, an effective content marketing strategy plays vital role determining the success of your content. What measures the success of content? From the SEO perspective, the more your content is interacted with target audience and increasing link authority of […]

How to Make your Website Fast Crawling?

Internet world is ever evolving domain where websites need to get crawled by search engines frequently to deliver the user-friendly results to the users.  SEO world has been transformed to keyword stuffed pages to rich content pages. Thus, from the SEO perspective, we need to measure how effectively our website is performing in search engine. […]

How to Develop an Effective Landing Page?

The online marketing/digital marketing concept is a broad term which incorporates multiple facets of marketing. In our current technology era, we cannot ignore the importance of PPC which is one of the best ways to generate leads to the businesses. However, for a successful PPC campaign, an effective and captivating landing page is required. A […]