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Bid Management: A Unique Way to Achieve Campaign Goals

Pay-per-Click has always been a unique concept for traffic generation. No one can neglect the importance and glory of bid management in PPC. In the true sense of the term, bid management is the core foundation of PPC. There are various ways to analyze and manage your bids. By managing bids on your keywords will […]

A Tool for Technical SEO and Actionable Insights

The technical SEO root is nothing but a deep understanding of a website’s architecture and how Google relates to the pages on the site. In my experience, the best way to gain this level of knowledge on any individual site is through deep log file analysis. Splunk is my favorite tool for this task. Splunk […]

Beat Search Optimization Challenges through SEO Reports

In the recent times, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) landscape has been changing rapidly. Generating high traffic and quality content has become the need of the hour. Many SEO analysts are aware of the new trend of traffic generation for efficient optimization of the web page. Measuring paid Ad channels is very simple. But having definite […]

Digital Marketing Tips for Bringing Prospects to Your E-Commerce Website

In the field of digital marketing, website plays a vital role. Your website is nothing but an index of the company. To speak in other words, your website is an instrument in the hands of the digital marketers to create new leads. In the true sense of the term, development and management of the website […]

Social Media Branding: Very Easy but a Bit Tricky Task

Social media has touched each and every aspect of human beings as well as business entities. Without its lovely touch of social media no business has true meaning and there is no question of promotion of products and services. In many ways, social media is powering the world, you can never imagine. What matters is […]