10 Types of Blog Posts that Captivate Reader’s Attention

In our technology driven era, blog posts play vital role as the best source of information. People across the globe of different professions make blog posts for multiple purposes. Sometimes people do not get fresh idea or topic to write about. In this blog post, we will highlight 10 blog types that are proven to be highly effective for the readers.

How-to guides and Tutorials

Most of the people who embark on something new always prefer to read how-to guides and tutorials to get relevant ideas about that work or job. Therefore tutorials and how-to guides are of high significance among people. Another best thing of this type of blog is that you can easily write about the topic in which you have mastery and understand everything related to that topic. You need to breakdown tutorials in relevant sections to make it easy to read and understand for the readers.  Never mistake to assume that your readers know everything about the topic rather you need to make simple steps for the readers to understand the topic precisely.

Latest and updated Industry News

We all stay updated with our industry related news. If you have something important to share related to your industry, you should write about that news in your blog.  It is very important that you need to make the news informative so that readers get what they have been seeking for.


Infographics are the most attractive and captivating source of information. Everyone loves infographics because you can easily convert your information into informative infographics. There are countless tools that help you in creating Infographics.


Profiles are basically related to biographical information about any individual. You can write about business industry leader or about someone who is getting popularity in the same industry. To write profiles, you need to incorporate information that why you should write about particular person and include details about that person so that readers get complete idea.


Nowadays, people do look for the testimonials and reviews before making purchase decision. Therefore, you can write reviews of the products and services of your industry. You can easily pen down pros and cons of the products or services of your industry. It will surely help the readers to make final decision.

Video Blogs

Video blogs are highly popular among the people, it is also known as “vlogging”. To create video blogs, you need not to input much efforts because by simply adding some images you can create video blogs or record your expressions through webcam.  This is quite easy way to keep the readers of blog interact.

Presentations and Slide-shares

Much like infographics, one can create SlideShare and presentation in power point as per your preferences. Make sure that you are not using already posted content or copyright image rather be unique and creative in your post that you are going to share with your audiences.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Each and every industry has some important points that we all should know. Therefore, people look for FAQs to get information about the required topic.  People always look for the specific topics, and they prefer to read ‘Frequently asked questions’ in attempt to get more relevant information about the topic. Thus, you can write some questions and answers of your business related topic for your audiences. You just need to include simple common question and answers.

Guides for Beginner

People in any industry or hobby who are beginner always look for the Beginner guides. You can create a Beginner guide of your industry incorporating all relevant points that an individual need to bear to get started with particular job. In your beginner guide, you would be explaining new terms to the beginner.

Important industry tools

If you have tried some new tools online or offline, you can write the feedback of that test in your next blog post informing your readers about these latest tools.  Using screenshots and images will be highly useful for the readers.

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