Webisdom is listed among top 10 Digital Solution Companies of 2016

Silicon India hails Webisdom as the transformer of digital technologies! Webisdom, already known as a global leader in Digital Enterprise Solutions has been recognized yet again, this time listed in Silicon India as the 'Most Promising Marketing Companies of 2016'.Read More....

Webisdom is recognized by Consultants Review as one of the 25 Most Promising Digital Consultants 2016 in India

Why digital enterprise solution is a better idea?

Gap → Innovation → Adoption → Shift/Change → Gap &→ Re-Innovation → Adoption

Business evolution anywhere in the world mirrors the above through its relentless churn sifting through multifarious cycles, decline and growth. But it is with a view to remain consistently inconsistent with the routine approach of measuring business value (measured by mere topline and bottom-line growth) that technology today permits business organizations to embrace a far more fuller and meaningful approach towards that all important Competitive Advantage.


Technology aids in the following key ways:-

  • i) Cost & operational efficiencies
  • (ii) Human capital productivity improvement
  • (iii) Seamless operations across every aspect of business with excellent integration       interoperability
  • (iv) Highly improved customer experience
  • (v) Lowering resource consumption while rationalizing its utilization
  • (vi) Fuellingtactical leverages
  • (vii) Promoting (ultimately), a more livable planet

A digital enterprise refers to an organization that leverages technology as a competitive advantage in its external and internal business operations. It is, as Gartner puts it, the blurring of physical and digital dimensions of the business entity in all its manifestations (see their research below).As technology has reformed the operations and infrastructure of enterprises, digital enterprise has taken on different meanings....

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